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guess which nerd just got their first B in university

guess which nerd just got their first B in university




October means it’s time for spooky icons! Here are a bunch of little spooky drawings in case you cannot draw your own. Feel free to share them around!

sending this around again!

these are so utterly adorable

the little monster dicks omg


Happening Now (10.13.14): Thousands of students from SLU join Ferguson and Shaw protesters, in solidarity with their fight for justice for victims of police brutality. This is a movement in action. #staywoke #fergusonoctober

I’m literally ugly sobbing right now. Had to pull over just to put this post together. More to come when I get back to Florida.




Clergy are arrested during the #MoralMonday protest at the Ferguson Police Department

Part Two

Part One

October 13th

Arrest Cornell West? You done did it now.

C. was part of this, I’m so proud of him.

My school actually helped pay for students who wanted to go to Ferguson and participate in the protests. The dean of the school is organizing bail for C. I desperately wish I had not graduated and could have gone with them.

We’re all born a Witch. We’re all born into magic. It’s taken from us as we grow up.

—Madeleine L’Engle (via moonsiren)

(Source: merrymeet, via misandryad)

Work today mostly consisted of scraping of mysterious residue off of the counters in the lithography room today. And yes, I am wearing my witch’s hat during work.

These lovely ladies have just been snatched up by a fellow art student! Get the rest before they, too, are grabbed by our devious art student hands.